Superintendent/Executive Staff

Human Resources

Fiscal Services

Instructional Services

Superintendent / Executive Staff

The La Puente Valley ROP superintendent is the chief administrative officer of the ROP, appointed by and directly responsible to the Joint Board of Trustees. The superintendent serves as an ex-officio member of the board; facilitates the work of the board; and is responsible to the board for providing direction and leadership to the ROP.  The Superintendent’s Office supports the work of the superintendent and is also responsible for the development and administration of policies, regulations and procedures; and facilitating Board meetings and other activities. 


Name Title Phone
Maura E. Murabito Superintendent 626.810.3300
Liz Thornhill Executive Assistant 626.810.3300 ext. 242
Sonia Ramirez Marketing and Communications Strategist 626.810.3300 ext. 241

Human Resources

Human Resources Philosophy

Consistent with the core values of the organization, the Human Resources Department is committed to hiring, developing and maintaining a highly competent workforce; and providing leadership, direction and support to employees in order to promote excellence in instruction and services for students.

We strive to promote and foster a work environment that is compliant with federal and state regulations and that is based on integrity, mutual respect, equity and effective communication, which will lead to positive outcomes for students and staff

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Human Resources Information

The La Puente Valley Regional Occupational Program employs approximately 70 employees and offers excellent benefits to eligible employees.

Human Resources provides an array of services:

  • seeks viable candidates, both credentialed and classified, for the organization
  • maintains employee records
  • works in conjunction with the Fiscal Department regarding salary and benefits
  • provides staff development and training programs for all employees
  • advises employees on credentialing and benefits
  • conducts classification analysis and review, organizational studies, and employee recognition programs
  • provides unemployment and workers compensation insurance management
  • facilitates and promotes positive employee relations

Human Resources Policy Highlights

Non Discrimination Policy

Sexual Harassment – Board Policy

Sexual Harassment – Administrative Regulations

Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Leave Act – Paid Sick Days – Board Policies

Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Leave Act – Administrative Regulations

Substitute Instructors

Human Resources Department Staff

Name Title Phone
Jasmine Muratalla Human Resources Coordinator 626.810.3300 ext. 245

Fiscal Services

Through our commitment to excellence and the highest degree of integrity and transparency, the Fiscal Services department strives to provide the Community, Joint Board of Trustees and partner districts accurate financial information and services.

We develop and produce the LPVROP budget and other financial documents along with various state and federal reports while rigorously complying with all applicable accounting principles. With the objective to safeguard the ROP’s resources, other accounting functions are performed which include accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll functions. We also direct the activities of the Technology Department were we believe that in order for students to be prepared for the demands of this new era, classrooms need to reflect the changes in philosophy, teaching methods, environment, and equipment which are necessary for students to be competitive and productive in the information and communications age. Other Support Services includes purchasing, receiving, mail delivery, asset management and delivery services. All activities are provided with an emphasis on professional service, assistance, clarification, and cooperation to benefit the entire ROP and its focus on student achievement.


Name Title Phone
John Howing Director, Fiscal Services 626.810.3300 ext. 222
Marcella Jackson Accounting Supervisor 626.810.3300 ext. 240
Michael Montano Accounting Specialist 626.810.3300 ext. 243
Manuel Flores Technology Specialist 626.810.3300 ext. 223
Nathan Pena Utility Worker 626.810.3300 ext  228


Instructional Services

Instructional Services Department Philosophy

The Instructional Services members provide innovative, educational programs to high school students in preparation for 21st century careers, higher education, and life-long learning. Our members are committed to serve all students.

Instructional Services Department Information

The Instructional Services Division encompasses several service areas:

  • Community Classroom
  • Course planning
  • Course certification
  • Instructional supervision
  • Student services
  • Grant projects
  • Staff development for certificated staff
  • UC a-g requirements
  • Business Advisory Committees
  • Student Records
  • Articulation

Course offerings are based on student interest and labor market opportunities. The Program Director works with the district principals to create programs that fit into campus academies and pathways. All courses offered are approved by the Joint Board of Trustees and Certified by the California Department of Education. Courses are competency-based, and where applicable, they prepare students for state or national certification examinations.

Instructional Services Staff

Name Title Phone
Jule Barta Coordinator of Career Technical Education 626.810.3300 ext. 250
Bridgette Hernandez Curriculum and Instruction Mentor 626.810.3300 ext 255
Tina Hinojosa  Coordinator Student Records  626.810.3300 ext 229
Michele Illingworth  Administrative Assistant 626.810.3300 ext 230
Diana Lupercio Student and Community Development Specialist 626.810.3300 ext. 253