Program Goals

La Puente Valley ROP Program Goals

  1. Provide high quality research-based classroom instruction and professional development focused on increasing student achievement and ensuring all students are college and career ready to meet the post-secondary educational and workforce demands of the 21st
    • Continue to revise current pathway sequences to ensure we are meeting local industry demands.
    • Strengthen our CTE programs by holding advisory committee meetings for all industry sectors.
    • Provide professional development addressing the identified needs of our teachers including classroom management, lesson design, English language learners, and incorporation technology into the classroom.
    • Increase articulation agreements with local community colleges.
  1. Monitor the budget and enrollment, making timely adjustment to staffing, services, programs, and budgets to keep the ROP solvent.
    • Establish effective and collaborative lines of communications with all member districts to ensure transparency and accountability.
    • Establish a budgeting process that addresses short-term and long-term budget needs and adheres to proper governance procedures/protocols.
    • Monitor changes to cash flow and make adjustments as necessary to maintain sufficient cash reserves to operational needs.
    • Develop and revise fiscal policies and procedures to ensure all staff understand and follow processes.
  1. Recruit and retain highly qualified employees who will work in support of the mission and goals of the LPVROP.
    • Improve recruitment of teachers, substitutes, and classified personnel by outreach to a variety of organizations.
    • Create an organizational process of new employees, including orientation and staff handbook, to improve knowledge and commitment to the organization.
    • Ensure board policies and organizational practices are up-to-date and adhered to by all employees.
    • Provide opportunities for meaningful professional growth and continued education for all staff.
  1. Ensure students have secure, reliable, and regular access to 21st century educational technology in the classroom.
    • Provide industry-standards technology solutions designed to prepare all students for success in the 21st
    • Review current data collection and analysis systems to ensure organizational needs are met.
    • Analyze current classrooms and staff needs to provide equipment and training based on their industry standards in order to create a master technology plan.
  1. Ensure all students achieve at high levels; develop and sustain programs of excellence; build strong partnership with community and businesses by using measurable outcomes; and a commitment to an organization which is flexible and demonstrates high levels of integrity.
    • Identify, gather, and monitor student data in order to determine program effectiveness.
    • Monitor programs to determine that there are equitable outcomes and provide resources as needed.
    • Model what we expect to occur in every classroom.
    • Build business partnerships to provide students with work experiences in their chosen pathway.